Enhancing life and environments by providing unique solutions for safer water disinfection.
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About Us

Our unrivalled chlorine generation technology eliminates trillions of gallons of water wastage.

AIS Water is an Australian-based award-winning industry influencer with a 25+ year history of innovation and excellence in the design, production and supply of inline chlorine generation technology via electrolysis.

Our Vision

AIS Water is saving and enhancing life through greater access to water.

Our Purpose

We provide unique solutions for safer water disinfection.

Bringing water back to life

At AIS Water, we have taken the time to step back and revisit who we are, and more importantly, why we are here. That valuable work has led us to a new articulation of our vision - AIS Water is saving and enhancing life through greater access to water.

This expanded ‘reason for being’ has brought us to a deeper understanding of our planet’s most precious resource and the vital role it plays in sustaining and enriching life. Accordingly, we have strengthened our resolve to play a lead role globally in providing unique solutions for safer water disinfection and introducing breakthrough thinking to bring every drop of water treated back to its most harmonious ‘live’ state.

But we haven’t stopped there.

Conventional chlorine dosing requires swimming pool water to be dumped or continuously diluted. This is completely unacceptable practice that is wasting millions of gallons of water globally each year.

AIS Water’s unrivalled technology completely eliminates water wastage and can help to alleviate the extreme water shortages that are diminishing life and environments in many countries.

We are passionate about saving and enhancing life through greater access to water. While we have made significant improvements in our 25+ year history of doing just that, rest assured, we have only just begun.

Elena Gosse
Chief Executive Officer

AIS Water


We are in the business of consistently exceeding expectations and have been doing that with safer water disinfection for over 25 years, in fact, that’s all that we do. This laser focus has brought about the recognition as global leaders in our field as well as countless international and Australian national awards.


AIS Water’s technology demonstrated vastly superior performance when tested with liquid and granular chlorination methods in a comprehensive university study.

We are able to save trillions of gallons of water from being wasted from pools every day across the planet. We can say with total confidence that our technology will also preserve our client’s financial assets.

AIS Water should be your first choice for simpler, safer and smarter water disinfection.

"During the course of our research, when we assessed the data and converted it back to annual water use, we found that a pool using granular or liquid chlorine for water disinfection would need to be dumping pool water at least once a year to stay within the recommended guidelines for total dissolved solids.

We found AIS Water’s saltwater chlorination technology was a far superior method to keep water chemistry stable with all monitored parameters in 6 pools over a 6 month period.

A long course 50m (164 ft pool) using granular chlorine, converted to AIS’ technology would eliminate at least 1.6 million litres (422,675 gallons) of water use and save up to AUD $40,000 annually in water rates.

On an environmental note, saving that amount of water is a huge saving for our water thirsty planet."

Helen Stratton
Associate Professor, Microbiologist,
Griffith University, Brisbane


Pool water treated by our inline chlorine generators nurtures a clean and bacteria-free environment. We have eliminated the severe risks of chlorine deliveries, bulk chlorine storage facilities and hefty OH&S and maintenance costs to further enhance the safety of people, equipment and the environment.


We actively enhance the joy of immersion in water by protecting people with our advanced technology. Total dissolved solids (TDS) and water hardness levels are more stable resulting in vastly clearer, bacteria free water.

Air and water quality are also significantly improved due to our ability to greatly decrease chloramines. Chloramines are what causes irritation of the mucous membranes and respiratory systems, red and stinging eyes and the unpleasant ‘chlorine’ odor present in poorly disinfected swimming pool environments.


Designed and manufactured in Australia, our products meet or exceed the highest standards of reliability and durability. Genuine AIS Water Anodes™ ensures the longevity and optimal performance of each electrolytic cell. For over 25 years we have guaranteed total peace of mind with product function, safety, warranty programs, training and support.


Our unique technology is designed to enhance both salt and freshwater pool environments. We can easily handle multi-million gallon water bodies with salinity levels from 950ppm (freshwater) to 35,000ppm (seawater) and chlorine outputs from 0.176oz to 11lb per hour.


While we are an Australian family-owned and operated business, our definition of family extends far beyond the factory walls. Through continual innovation, treating each other with respect, communicating and collaborating effectively and working toward common goals we enhance the lives of every member of our immediate and extended family.


The endangerment and misuse of Earth’s rich resources is a recurring theme in our existence, now more than ever before.

We believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to form part of the solution - to help preserve the health and wellbeing of our planet, our resources and our people. We accept this responsibility and are actively playing our role.

AIS Water’s technology is enhancing life worldwide with solutions for every application including FINA Competition pools, municipal pools, aquatic centres, swim schools, hotel and resort pools, water theme parks and more.

Be on the forefront of pool disinfection

Join the thousands of pools across the world that are using AIS Technology to save water, save money, have a superior swimming experience, and keep communities safe.

World Leading

Inline chlorine generation via electrolysis, pioneered by AIS Water worldwide, is vastly superior to granular or liquid conventional chlorine dosing.


Today, there are only two methods for providing a chlorine residual:

  1. Conventional chlorine dosing, which is costly and potentially hazardous to life and environments.
  2. Inline chlorine generation via electrolysis, which is cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendlier.

Inline Chlorine Generation via Electrolysis

In a process known as electrolysis, water passes through an electrolytic cell converting minerals and salts to sodium hypochlorite (commonly known as liquid chlorine). The chlorine is then distributed directly into the pool water, keeping it clear and bacteria free.

Conventional Chlorine Dosing

Conventionally, pools disinfected by dosing liquid, granular or gaseous chlorine are known as ‘chlorinated swimming pools’.

The need to store and handle chlorine attracts significant hidden costs and risks, which over the medium to long term are cost prohibitive.

These include Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) compliance, the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), increased staff training, and ongoing water dumping and replenishment, with the water then needing to be heated and treated.

Then there’s the much greater cost of potential injury or loss of life.

A conventionally chlorinated swimming pool is not only a poor economic decision, it greatly diminishes life and environments.

Leading the Way in Electrolysis

AIS Technology

Superior Performance

AIS Water technology delivers truly unique solutions for safer and more cost effective commercial swimming pool water disinfection.

Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • Superior alternative to traditional transformers
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Significant weight reduction
  • Enhanced performance
  • Extended electrode life
Skid mounted design
  • Minimal footprint for easy installation into plant room
Reverse Polarity (RP) for reduced maintenance
  • Reduces calcium build-up
  • Less maintenance of electrodes
Built-in acid wash system
  • For easy maintenance and servicing of electrodes
  • No dismantling of the cell for acid cleaning, means less exposure to chemicals making cleaning simpler and safer
Sealed internal cooling
  • Prevents damage to electrical components caused by ingress of hot air, salt, and acid vapors
  • Excellent protection against corrosion
  • Optimal operating temperatures for electronic components
  • Titanium core radiator utilizes pool water for efficient heat exchange
  • Built to last using high quality materials
  • Frame and box made from powder-coated galvanized steel, and high nominal pressure UPVC piping
  • Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and UV radiation
  • Horizontally mounted cells for ease of cell maintenance
  • Optional split section frame design for limited access sites
Safety features
  • Water flow cut-off switch for pump protection
  • Thermal overload cut-off for water and power supply
  • Current overload and overvoltage protection systems
  • Pressure relief valve
  • High energy electrical safety shut off
  • All commercial chlorine generators are covered by a three-year warranty on power supply and the electrolytic cell

Case Study and Testimonials

AutoChlor® Case Study
Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Port Douglas


AIS Technology:

AutoChlor® SRC-2500 x 6

Installation: January 2018
Water type: Filtered seawater (20,000+ ppm salinity)
Pool surface: 2 hectares (20,234.3 m2) or 5 acres
Application: Salt-water lagoon resort swimming pool

Nestled beside Four Mile Beach in tropical North Queensland, the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort Port Douglas is a jewel that sits between two World Heritage listed attractions, The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest.

This internationally renowned resort boasts Queensland’s largest swimmable salt-water lagoon area, spanning over two hectares. Eight swimming lagoons meander through the property linking the accommodation wings with the main building.

The resort is committed to luxury, reliability and quality – across all aspects of the property.

After six years of using a different technology, the Sheraton Grand Mirage made the switch to AIS Water’s AutoChlor® inline, salt-water chlorine generators.

An elaborate water treatment system captures water directly from the sea at high tide, which is then filtered and treated by six AIS Water AutoChlor® SRC-2500 units.

With over 5,283,441 gallons of swimmable salt-water flowing through this prestigious address, more than 264 gallons of chlorine is required daily. AIS Water’s award-winning technology satisfies the demand producing chlorine onsite and inline.

There is no longer any need for costly, time-consuming and dangerous conventional chlorine dosing or the transportation, storage and handling of high volumes of liquid chlorine.

The result is much more than beautiful, clean, bacteria free water. The resort’s AutoChlor®’s can produce 31.7 gallons of liquid chlorine per hour, onsite and inline, offering staff and swimmers the ultimate in round the clock water disinfection, protection and peace of mind.

AutoChlor® Testimonials

Steven Pennington

Engineering Project Manager
Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort,
Port Douglas

“Changing to AutoChlor® has made our lives a lot easier.

The quality of the water, along with the ease of operation and minimal maintenance, is far superior to anything we’ve used before.

We have six AIS units. I’d tell anyone who was considering using AIS Water’s technology to do so. You definitely won’t be disappointed.”

John Mandelt

Project Manager
Commercial Aquatics

“It’s been an honor to work on some of Australia’s biggest aquatic projects including the new Scarborough Beach Pool in Western Australia (WA).

This large scale project was the first in WA to adopt AIS’ award-winning AutoChlor® technology and I know it won’t be the last.

The salt-water chlorinator has such a small footprint, it’s easy to commission and operate, and of course the inline chlorine production makes everything safer, for pool staff and swimmers.

Reliability, quality, and access to technical support are critical with water disinfection. AIS Water delivers on all counts.”

EcoLine® Case Study

Malaysia National Aquatic Center


AIS Technology:

EcoLine® FSRCN-650,
FSRCN-800 & FSRCN-1300

Installation: June 2017
Water type: Freshwater (1,200+ ppm TDS)
Pool surface: 825,538 gallons; 841,916 gallons; 990,645 gallons
Application: FINA Standard competition pools

Originally opened in 1998 for the Commonwealth Games, the National Aquatic Centre (NAC) in Bukit Jalil is a world class venue for sporting excellence. In 2017, it hosted the 29th South East Asian (SEA) Games which featured over 40 international competitive events including swimming, diving, water polo, and synchronized swimming.

The 301,389.49 ft2 facility is constructed in accordance with the rigorous standards and regulations of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and features a long course 54.7 yards Olympic sized pool, a 27.3 yards diving pool and a 21.9 yards training pool.

NAC’s water disinfection requirements were specified by leading Australian architect, Will Marcus of ARGO Architects + Masterplanners.

Thanks to AIS Water’s technology, inline chlorination is now possible even in FINA standard competition swimming pools. A longtime supporter of inline chlorination, ARGO had no hesitation to specify AIS technology to disinfect water in all three pools.

Capable of generating chlorine in pool water with very low TDS levels (1,200ppm+), ground-breaking EcoLine® technology is now producing all the residual chlorine the Centre requires without the costs, risks and hassle associated with previously used conventional chlorine dosing.

EcoLine® is providing the pool water’s first line of defense against bacteria, algae and waterborne pathogens and helping to create a water quality that feels, smells and tastes more like freshwater.

NAC has embraced all the convenience and safety benefits of the world’s first freshwater chlorine generator.

EcoLine® Testimonials

Jon Herbert

Operations Manager
The Pool Man, Cairns

“The EcoLine® chlorinators we have here are trouble free and low maintenance.

They are very good for the environment. There is a lot of rain here in the wet season, but with AIS’ technology we add bags of salt, rather than pallets, which means we are in and out of the pool area more quickly, with less disruption to hotel guests.

We’ve had good reports about the water quality and less salt in the pool means a less corrosive environment for the pool equipment and surrounds.”

Nathan Gordon

Manager, USC Sport
University of the Sunshine Coast

“As you might expect in a state of the art training facility like ours we focus strongly on efficiency. We like the way our EcoLine® water disinfection unit just gets the job done with minimal dials and buttons to operate and with minimal facility manager involvement.

The quality of the water is second to none, in fact, we’ve been told we have the best tasting pool water in the world. One of the international swimming coaches inspected our facility in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games. He said that the pool water was the best he’d ever come across.”

More Testimonials

Will Marcus

Principal and
Managing Director
ARGO Group

“As a specialist in the design of aquatic facilities and environments, I’ve specified AIS Water’s disinfection systems in hundreds of commercial and residential projects worldwide.

When it comes to chlorine generation, my preference is always to use electrolysis. It’s the safest, most cost-effective and efficient system that we know.

One of the benefits of AIS Water’s technology is flexibility. You can disinfect any quantity of water from a megalitre to 10,000 litres (2,642 gallons). When it comes to water disinfection, AIS Water’s technology is quite simply superior.”

Adrian Schrinner

Lord Mayor of
Brisbane City Council

“AIS Water is a true Brisbane success story. We’re delighted to see locally designed and manufactured technology on the world stage.

Safety is a non-negotiable when it comes to our communities. With the majority of Council’s pools protected by AIS’ technology we can be confident that swimmers can enjoy clean water and our staff can enjoy a safe working environment.

AIS Water’s continuous commitment to innovation has seen it grow from strength to strength. We look forward to what the future will bring.”

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51 Millennium Place, Tingalpa, QLD 4173 Australia
Phone: +61 7 3396 5222
Email: [email protected]